Microsoft's Office suite is the standard for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation in offices around the world. Almost everyone who is professionally involved with computers had contact with Word, Excel or PowerPoint. However, reducing the Office package to just those three core applications would not do it justice. Despite decades of market presence, Microsoft manages to develop meaningful products and to add innovative programs. In the course of time, an extensive conglomeration of software has emerged that takes on countless tasks in day-to-day correspondence, communication, documentation and much more - from small businesses to international corporations.

Office365 is a cloud-based solution, which offers a variety of benefits. First and foremost is the possibility of cooperation, because it is easier than ever - and it does not matter if the collaboration takes place in the same room, in the same house, in the same city or on the same continent. Office365 is where you are. Complex server installations with the associated security risks are in the past. With "Office365 Germany" Microsoft offers a tool in its portfolio, that complies with the strict data protection and compliance rules in Germany and the EU.

Office365 meanwhile is much more than "just" the classic office package, because it is a very extensive team tool - never has collaboration been so easy. Video conferencing, team chat or your own social corporate network - Office365 offers a variety of tools to work transparently and efficiently in a team.


With the "Nureva Span" system, Nureva has established itself as one of the market leaders for innovative collaboration tools in recent years. It turns a normal wall into a large interactive touch workspace. The solution combines a panoramic projector with an interactive virtual screen. The projection width is up to 3.10m per projector, whereby the modules can be combined in any number. For example, the combination of four modules results in a projection width of more than 12m. The underlying virtual workspace is even up to 60m wide! The "Nureva-Span" software virtualizes this projection surface; hence, you can access the screen from any location, with any device at any time. Nureva combines two fundamental requirements for modern collaboration: on the one hand, teamwork on site and, on the other, cloud-based, time and location-independent collaboration.

In schools as well, working and learning in groups is one of the most important components of modern education. It promotes social skills beyond the classroom. The Nureva™ Span™ System provides an excellent way for classroom students to learn with each other and from each other. It transforms a normal wall into a large interactive workspace. In addition, of course, the cross-class collaboration is easily possible. What's more, students can work from their seat with their laptops or tablets - without any software installation and only through the web browser.


With Wortmann AG, we have a partner at our side that has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry. This experience is evident not only from the fact that Wortmann AG is one of the most successful IT distributors in Germany, but also in the Terra series products they have developed. In a wide spectrum from tablet to server, and the quality feature "Made in Germany", Wortmann reveals its full competence. The portfolio is supplemented by intelligent mobility solutions, such as mobile training cars with space for up to 30 notebooks or trolleys with integrated WLAN access point.

The education sector plays a very special role at Wortmann. For this purpose, one offers a variety of software solutions around the planning and design of contemporary teaching. The portfolio is rounded off by specially designed notebooks for children and adolescents, who are ideally suited to the needs of a modern classroom design due to their particularly robust construction and a variety of additional functions, such as an integrated thermometer.