Traditional ways of working have a big advantage in everyday life: they are established and work. Maybe that's why many companies stick to them for a long time – often much longer they should. After all, it is precisely these ways of working that severely burden the efficiency of a company today. Another aspect is that often employees and the management themselves are afraid of change. Often the opportunities are recognized, but the ignorance or the dependence on external sources inhibit the necessary decisions to use such opportunities for their own success.

We have set ourselves the task of pointing out opportunities for companies from the SME segment and for them to use these opportunities within the process. With the three main areas analysis, consulting and integration, we capture existing procedures, optimize them with the help of digital processes and integrate them successively in the company.


Digitalization currently is on everyone's lips – in our fast-paced world, this topic may even get more attention than it deserves. Basically, digital processes are nothing more than a tool – a tool for your daily work. And as with any other tool, digitization also means that only someone with an understanding and command of the tool has an advantage. But how should one know which tool fits the company? What advantages are offered to the company? Which costs occur? How do you teach employees how to use these tools? The answer to this is just as individual as any particular company and therefore it is only logical that each solution must also equally individual, because an overarching solution "off the peg" does not exist.

However, especially SMEs can rarely afford an individual solution. The individual processes are too extensive, too many exceptions make a standard only rarely possible. It is now important to develop an efficient solution based on existing components.

insurance industry

The insurance market is currently undergoing a massive upheaval. The big corporations are trying to develop digital direct sales, and this is reducing the business of traditional intermediaries on and on. Especially independent intermediaries need to find the optimal solution for their customers from a large number of available products. In addition, the business of intermediaries is currently undergoing a change. Old generations are leaving the market; a new, young generation is joining. The latter possesses, just like the young clientele of the mediators, a high affinity to online processes and digitization. Our solutions are aimed at all insurance brokers who want to digitize your agency and address a new, open-minded target group.


Get to know the technologies of tomorrow today. Nowhere else is digitization as important as in schools and educational institutions. Because here the next generation is being trained, here the foundation is laid for their success. Yet this important field is riddled with innumerable problems. In particular, lengthy decision-making processes in institutions as well as ever-smaller budgets challenge schools and organizations that equip schools alike. With strong partners for modern, innovative hardware and intelligent, standardized software, we offer scalable solutions for schools and educational institutions.

strong partners

Without them nothing works! An important aspect of our concepts is the choice of suitable hardware and software. And precisely for these we need reliable partners, who focus on their market and the problems of the market participants. In doing so, we always use the same premise for our partnerships, both on the customer side and on the supplier side. We cultivate an open, honest and respectful interaction and conduct a transparent dialogue. Only this enables us to eliminate the problems of our customers with excellent solutions. Our partnerships are a colorful mix of established, well-known companies on the one hand and innovative, dynamic startups on the other. These together create a powerful composition with enough space for individual solutions.

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